About GdP

GdP (Groupe de Paris/Group for Development & Peace) is a group of highly motivated senior professionals committed to peace, justice and development. The group was established in Paris in 2008 after years of searching for a pragmatic and business focused solution to the resolution of conflict and crises.

Between them, their experience covers:

  • More than 25 years experience in international affairs, security, development and crisis situations
  • More than 25 years of service at the United Nations, International Community Organisations, National and Local Governments and business community
  • Examples of national/regional expertise: Balkans (Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia); Asia & Pacific (Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, East Timor); Middle East (Palestine, Lebanon); Africa (Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Algeria); Latin America (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia)

In addition, GdP coordinates a group of international senior specialists on key issues such as security, military and civilian intelligence, environmental crisis and climate change, economic recovery, governance and democratisation, GIS and satellite imagery. See also www.risk-reduction.com